[p4] correct way to update directory hierarchy?

Rajul Vora rajul.vora at barra.com
Fri Jun 4 11:53:58 PDT 2004

The answer is buried in this tech. note:

Of course, if you have branches of this directory hierarchy then pay
attention to the -i/-I and -d flags of 'p4 integrate' to make sure proper
merging happens for re-added or deleted files.


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> What is the correct way to update a directory hierarchy in 
> Perforce? We 
> have several bodies of third party code that is updated periodically 
> and involve a large number of files. Some files get changed, some 
> deleted, and other added with each new release. We've 
> generally done a 
> delete on the old hierarchy, then added the new code drop. However 
> we've noticed that when we integrate these changes to branches that 
> need them, Perforce will almost always miss a number of them and the 
> branch does not end up with the correct versions (the main 
> line always 
> ends up correct after the delete-and-add). Is there a better 
> way to do 
> this that works 100% of the time?
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