[p4] correct way to update directory hierarchy?

Janulewicz, Matthew mjanulew at alarismed.com
Fri Jun 4 11:51:58 PDT 2004

We use the p4win gui here mostly, but here's a little known function of it
that many people don't know about. It comes in handy when people change
files without opening them for edit first, then forget what files they
changed, and want to check them in.

I'd take that whole tree and copy it in-place to your client. Under the file
menu, choose more -> check consistency. (can someone point to a commandline
equivalent?) This function will scan your tree and pick up files that have
been changed. Then you have the option to open them for edit without syncing
them, then simply submit the changelist.


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What is the correct way to update a directory hierarchy in Perforce? We 
have several bodies of third party code that is updated periodically 
and involve a large number of files. Some files get changed, some 
deleted, and other added with each new release. We've generally done a 
delete on the old hierarchy, then added the new code drop. However 
we've noticed that when we integrate these changes to branches that 
need them, Perforce will almost always miss a number of them and the 
branch does not end up with the correct versions (the main line always 
ends up correct after the delete-and-add). Is there a better way to do 
this that works 100% of the time?

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