[p4] Branching relationships get mixed up after baseless merges?

David Genest dgenest at ubisoft.qc.ca
Fri Jun 11 08:20:31 PDT 2004


    I am working in a parallel branch model where a one branch contains xbox

    code and the other PC code. The PC code feeds on Xbox code.
    The branches started off being a user branch from xbox:
    Xbox main branch
                     \--------------- PC User branch (Xbox code + PC modifs)

    This was not satisfactory since the PC branch did not have its own
depot. So 
    I created a PC depot and integrated the PC user branch to the new depot
    order to keep the file history), then integrated (with baseless merges)
    Xbox main branch to establish a relationship between the Xbox main
    and the PC branch:
    Xbox main
            \                                           \
             \----------X defunct PC User branch         \  <- baseless
                        \                                 \
                         \-------Real PC branch------------\--------
    From now on, the integrates happen from Xbox main to the Real PC branch.
    Here is my problem. When I want to integrate things from the PC branch
    the Xbox branch, there are many many files that require a baseless
    This does not happen when I integrate from Xbox to PC branch. I thought
    doing a baseless merge re-established the branching relationship in both

    directions, but now it seems it works only in one direction: from xbox
    pc. Is there a way to re-establish the branching relationship (so there 
    won't be the need for baseless merges) without forcing a version change
    the affected files in the Xbox main branch?
    Thanks for your time, 

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