[p4] Strategy for porting empty directories in ClearCase to Perforce

Paul Goffin Paul.Goffin at aepsystems.com
Fri Jun 11 09:23:13 PDT 2004

Perforce doesn't version directories so you either have to modify
your build process to create any empty ones you need
(using "-mkdir" in your makefiles causes "directory already exists"
errors to be ignored by make) or you need to have a convention
on putting in files you don't need.

using .cvsignore as you do for CVS would work just fine
with Perforce - though it might confuse someone who then
thought you were using CVS.

We use a combination of the "-mkdir" method and empty
files called "placeholder.txt".


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What is a reasonable strategy for porting empty directories from
ClearCase to Perforce?  A part of our build script assumes that a
directory exists, even if it's empty.  In CVS, we would use ".cvsignore"
files for directories like that.  What is a reasonable strategy for
dealing with this in Perforce?

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