[p4] Handling large number of manual merge conflicts

Noel Yap Noel.Yap at morganstanley.com
Fri Jun 11 11:16:46 PDT 2004

IME, if "Merge Early and Often" is followed, large numbers of conflicts can be avoided.


Hoff, Todd wrote:

> We had a group that did a great job of merging
> between branches. As a developer i appreciated
> all the work it saved me and would recommend
> this approach highly if you can find the
> right people to do it.
> As the group contracts though it seems developers
> will have to perform the merges. Developers
> as mergers encourages a flatter branching structure
> with fewer longer term feature branches.
> With a separate group you could support a more complex
> branch structure transparently to the developers.
> Which is both good and bad.
> In all cases you'll need good tests to verify 
> functionality.
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>>Just wanted to get some feedback on how different shops handle a large
>>number of merge conflicts that need to be done manually.  Do you allow
>>the developers handle
>>the manual merges themselves?
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