[p4] Question about branching/integrating

David Rybolt dagg at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 14 00:39:35 PDT 2004


I regularly run into this branching conundrum, and was
wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

My current directory structure looks something like
this (only showing relevant directories):


The 4.1.0 directory was branched from main about
3 weeks ago, and both main and 4.1.0 have had
checkins since the branch.

This was working great for a while.  I'd merge
the 4.1.0 code back into main as necessary, and
everything was good.  However, now my developers
want to start checking in new code for a new
release, but they don't know if it'll actually
go to production before or after the code
in my mainline.

Any suggestions?

Here is what I can't do:

  1. Branch from main, because I might not want a
     lot of the recent main code.

  2. I can't branch from the 4.1.0 branch, because
     merging it back into main would be a pain.

Thanks for your help,

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