[p4] Question about branching/integrating

David Rybolt dagg at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 14 11:13:19 PDT 2004

--- Noel Yap <Noel.Yap at morganstanley.com> wrote:
> I don't quite understand this last part.  Can you
> give an example, please?
> Thanks,
> Noel

I'll give it a shot:

  1. //depot/a/... was branched to //depot/b/...
  2. Files in //depot/a/... were edited.
  3. Files in //depot/b/... were edited.
  4. //depot/b/... was merged into //depot/a/...
  5. Developers now want a new place to check in
     some files.  They _don't_ know if they 
     want to incorporate the latest //depot/a/...
     code, but they _do_ know they want to 
     incorporate all of the //depot/b/... code.

     I'll create //depot/c/... , but I don't
     know where to branch it from.

For #5, we don't know if //depot/c/ will be released
to production before or after //depot/a/ .

My inclination is to branch from //depot/b/, but
that seems to cause lots of merging headaches, later.


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