[p4] Question about branching/integrating

Noel Yap Noel.Yap at morganstanley.com
Mon Jun 14 13:13:46 PDT 2004

How about integrating from main up to the point you don't want to include changes, then individually integrate the changes you do want included?


David Rybolt wrote:

> --- Chuck Karish <chuck.karish at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Branch from main at a point where you're sure that
>>you'll take
>>everything.   Integrate features from main to your
>>new release branch
>>as they're finished.
> That won't work in this case, unfortunately.  The
> 4.1.0 code was integrated into main _after_ some
> changes were already added to main.  That means I
> can't get all the 4.1.0 code integrated into my new
> branch unless:
>   1. I also integrate some of the new "main" stuff
> (which I don't want).
>   2. Or I branch from 4.1.0 .
> However if I branch from 4.1.0, that'll make it hard
> for me to integrate to/from main later.  I can get it 
> to work with some baseless merges (-i or -I), but
> there seems to be a lot of repetitive and hard
> to manage conflict resolutions once I go down that
> road.
>>A more radical approach:  Make a permanent
>>forward-development branch,
>>and integrate features from //depot/dev only when
>>theu're ready to be
>>released.  The main line stays clean, the developers
>>grumble about
>>doing one more integration, the project managers
>>love that release
>>readiness is predictable and that they control
>>release contents.
> I'll likely utilize this approach at a latter
> date, but I still fear issues like this:
>   main 
>     |
>     +-- dev1
>     |
>     |
>     +-- dev2
> Both dev1 and dev2 are branched from main.  What do
> I do if the dev1 folks want some of the dev2 code?
> I can integrate dev2 to main, and then main
> to dev1, but then my main codeline will have
> some stuff that may or may not ever go to
> production.  Alternatively, I can baseless
> merge dev2 to dev1, but that will reintroduce
> the long-term problems of baseless merging.
> Dave
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