[p4] Documentation file formats (Or: How do you manage docs across bra nches ?)

Thierry Michalowski Thierry.Michalowski at echotech.ch
Tue Jun 15 05:09:15 PDT 2004

I actually dream of having Perforce being able to handle zip archives in 
a transparent manner.
Because OpenOffice uses a XML format (that I assume mergeable) that only 
happens to be packaged in a Zip archive (or Jar format ).
Until then, our office-like documentation is just a bunch of 
non-mergeable binary blobs in Perforce :-(


Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

> I'll keep this general, because I really can't argue with the 
> statement "Microsoft Office shall be used." Such a requirement ends 
> all discussion, as far as I'm concerned. So I'll make some general 
> statements and perhaps you can make use of them.
> I've done a little documentation on over the years, versioned in cvs 
> and later perforce.
> Text changes. For text, you need a mergable format.
> Tables change less often. Best to have it there too. If you can 
> generate the tables from a versionable text format, that's ideal.
> Graphics don't change much, in my experience. (Generated graphics do, 
> but in those cases it's better to store the source, of course.)
> If you can find a way to split your documentation into text-only and 
> graphics-only files, you may find that the text files merge easily and 
> the graphics files don't present much of a problem. When graphics 
> files need merging, they often need human attention anyway.
> Can you do that?
> Arnt
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