[p4] PowerBuilder and Perforce

Aggelos Paraskevopoulos angel at acm.org
Tue Jun 15 09:14:14 PDT 2004

Yes Robert, we are in the process of deploying perforce on our first 
team of  five developers. We are using Powerbuilder 9 which is the 
recommended version if you want to work smoothly with Perforce. You are 
going to use the P4 SCC component on each developer client enabling it 
as a Source Control Provider in the PB Workspace properties, just the 
way you do it with other providers such as MS Visual Source etc. From 
the IDE's point of view the SCC commands are the standard ones provided 
in all SCC integrations, with  the addition of several P4 specific 
dialogs invoked during operations such as Check-in.

So if you have PB9, the steps are straight forward. We can read online 
help files and several whitepapers related to source control integration 
for PB. A usesful resource is also the Sybase forum 

If you need further assistance please post here or on the Sybase forum.


Robert MacMunn wrote:

> Hi all,
>       Has anyone used Perforce as an CM tool for Powerbuilder ?  There 
> isn't much info on this on the web site and it is not supported.  Any 
> information on how to get this to work would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Bob


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