[p4] Branching ASP.Net projects/solutions - best practices ?

Shawn Hladky shawnh at ecollege.com
Wed Jun 16 09:47:11 PDT 2004

We don't use VS.Net 'Web Projects'.  We created a custom project
template based off a standard assembly, and then add aspx files as
content.  The template changes the output directory to \bin and enables
asp.net debugging.  Developers manually create the virtual, and setup
the project to start the local URL the first time they open the solution
After that, it's as seamless as using native web projects without the
hassle of VS.Net doing all that dumb IIS stuff.

It's also very nice for large projects, because you can create multiple
assemblies that sit on one virtual directory, which is not easy to do
with web projects.

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Does anyone have any best practice suggestions on how to go about
branching ASP.Net projects  - particularly on how you handle the
naming/creation of the IIS virtual directory for client spaces mapped to
different branches


Richard Harding

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