[p4] Merging Multiple Perforce Server Databases to a Single Server

jab jab at pobox.com
Wed Jun 16 10:10:39 PDT 2004

Ask Tech Support this question. There is a script they have that will 
Perforce checkpoints (assuming that no full pathnames are common to both
repositories), but different versions of the script correspond to 
versions of the Perforce checkpoint file format, so go slowly.

	-Jeff Bowles

On Jun 16, 2004, at 9:29 AM, Terry Ridgway wrote:

> Hi All,
> We have 3 perforce servers from 3 companies that have merged into one 
> company. The servers are remotely located, and we feel that 
> development would be better served by combining the servers and using 
> proxies, since this will cut down on the number of licenses that we'll 
> need. Each engineer has 2 or 3 licenses to access all of the servers, 
> and we want to consolidate.
> Has anyone ever successfully completed this task?
> I know there will be issues with duplicate depot names, but I can't 
> find any information on the Perforce web site as to how this task 
> would be accomplished, with or without conflicting depot names.
> Thanks
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