[p4] Which Linux Distro do you recommend for running Perforce

Rajul Vora rajul.vora at barra.com
Thu Jun 17 15:37:46 PDT 2004

Hi Fredric
Thanks for the info.

As for the NetApp / NFS, yes that is kind of what we do for Sun/Solaris -
keep db.* locally, but we also put journal and log locally for a slightly
better performance. Local drives are mirrored also. Backup job then backs up
the checkpoint/journal/log which are written/copied to the NetApp by a
script and the library files.

We just keep the library files (rcs) on the NetApp. The use of NetApp is
more an IT thing, idea is they can snapshot the filesystem, etc.


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Rajul Vora wrote:

>My company is planning to migrate the Perforce server from Sun/Solaris
>hardware to Intel/Linux.
>Any particular recommendations on version of Linux to use?
We have used RedHat for may years now and it works. I would not hesitate
much to use Fedora, at least a stable release (that would be FC1 today) as
long as I can get the backup work properly.

>Some people at work including myself have been playing with RedHat Fedora
>and find it quite stable but RedHat particularly doesn't position Fedora as
>something one might want to use for production server (besides the fact
>they don't make any money that way). Any thoughts?
>Also, any idea if Linux has the same performance problems with regard to
>locking as Solaris over NFS when db.* files are on a NetApp?
Can't tell for sure but I would say probably. I am no expert but from 
what I have
heard these locking problems are in the NFS- (or RPC-) protocol and not 
in any
particular OS.
I guess you want to use NFS to be able put your depot on computer where
backups are made. I believe there is another solution to this.

If I understand things correct what you need to backup is the data files,
the latest checkpoint file and the journal file. There is no need to 
back up the
db-files since they can be regenerated from the checkpoint and the 
journal file.
What this means is that you can put the db files locally and keep the data,
checkpoint and journal files on a NetApp.


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