[p4] Which Linux Distro do you recommend for running Perforce

Tetlow, Gordon gtetlow at soe.sony.com
Thu Jun 17 16:13:39 PDT 2004

I'd like to go ahead and put a plug in for FreeBSD. I've used it in the
past with quite a bit of success and can attest that Perforce runs very
well on it. As for keeping up to date, you can track a release so you
know that the only updates you will be getting are for security


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> Subject: [p4] Which Linux Distro do you recommend for running Perforce
> My company is planning to migrate the Perforce server from Sun/Solaris
> hardware to Intel/Linux.
> Any particular recommendations on version of Linux to use?
> Some people at work including myself have been playing with RedHat
> and find it quite stable but RedHat particularly doesn't position
> as
> something one might want to use for production server (besides the
> that
> they don't make any money that way). Any thoughts?
> Also, any idea if Linux has the same performance problems with regard
> locking as Solaris over NFS when db.* files are on a NetApp?
> Thanks,
> Rajul
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