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Thu Jun 17 17:23:33 PDT 2004

Eric -- 

I rarely keep them on disk for more than a couple of full backup cycles and 
possibly archiving special ones when warranted.  Their life on backup is 
determined by the life of the backups, which is usually one to two years or 
more depending on your retention requirements. 


Eric D. Blom writes: 

> I'm wondering if anyone has some general advice on how long to keep 
> checkpoints and journals around? 
> We have never needed a checkpoint or a journal except for server upgrades. 
> When we started with Perforce 4 years ago we were checkpointing every 
> night. Now we checkpoint once a week. Over the past 20 months we have 
> collected 20 GB of checkpoints. 
> Is there any reason to keep checkpoints that are over 12 month old or 3 
> months for that matter? 
> Thanks,
> Eric 
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