[p4] Reasons not to allow adding junk files to Perforce

Janulewicz, Matthew mjanulew at alarismed.com
Fri Jun 18 10:50:44 PDT 2004

1. They're binary, they take up space where your code could be.
2. They're not something you'd want to version, anyway. Each timesheet etc.
is a separate entity, not an evolved document.
3. Most management types don't understand the concept of version control
anyway, and check in versions of files separately, which defeats the purpose
(if it was useful in the first place, which it wasn't.)
4. Job descriptions, etc. are not 'assets', which source control tools are
designed to track and protect.
5. File server space is cheap, Perforce licenses are not (relatively
speaking, compared to the hardware.)
It's not really *that* big of a deal. Maybe set up a different server for
them if they insist, but with this kind of stuff, I think it's really
unnecessary. IT should just give them a hunk of a network share someplace,
then they won't have to deal with yet another tool that doesn't give them
much benefit.

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Hi all,
Our management people are adding lots of stuffs that are not "Source Codes"
into Perforce (ex: job descriptions, time sheets ... ). 
Please give me 3 reasons to convince them not to add it to Perforce.

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