[p4] Reasons not to allow adding junk files to Perforce

Todd Short tshort at cisco.com
Fri Jun 18 11:23:39 PDT 2004

Anything needed to reproduce the software should be under source control.
Especially if they change over time, and/or are modified by multiple people.
This includes, source code, tools (yes I wanted to put my compiler under
source control), requirement, functional and design specifications.
Things like job descriptions and time sheets don't fall into this category.
They are typically created by a single person, and while they change over
time, they represent work during a week. It's not as though when you submit
a new time sheet that you are modifying an old timesheet from last week, you
are creating a new record/document.
Test plans and results should be in a dedicated system that can track
results over a number of releases and builds.
-Todd Short 
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Hi all,
Our management people are adding lots of stuffs that are not "Source Codes"
into Perforce (ex: job descriptions, time sheets ... ). 
Please give me 3 reasons to convince them not to add it to Perforce.

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