[p4] Reasons not to allow adding junk files to Perforce

Rajul Vora rajul.vora at barra.com
Fri Jun 18 12:17:45 PDT 2004

Yes, checking in documents related to product development (you can define
that as loosely as you want) is a good idea.
Also consider a few UI enhancements:
1. use p4web in browser mode or some other p4 web interface to allow people
to embed a URL directly to a file in Perforce into any document / intranet
e.g. http://yourperforce.server.com/depot/docs/functionalspec.doc
will bring up the latest (#head) revision of the doc in realtime from
Perforce server. People love this ability once they are exposed to it.
2. Consider running p4ftpd to allow non-technical users to simply use
Windows Explorer to check-out and check-in files in Perforce - perhaps
restrict this access to certain areas where non-source-code stuff is kept.
3. Consider some of the Office diff tools which can diff word, excel, etc.
files. Most are not very good but you might actually gain some ability to
see who changed what in these binary files.
Disk drives are cheap. It shouldn't be the reason for keeping people out of
Sorry, I can't think of very good reasons to keep most of these things out
of Perforce unless you have better systems for record keeping and document
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