[p4] Re: Merging Multiple Perforce Server Databases to a Single Server

Yariv Sheizaf yariv_sh at barak.net.il
Mon Jun 21 01:36:20 PDT 2004


The Perforce databases merge utility is avaialable in:


Note: I recommend NOT to merge three different databases.
      I think that the correct way in companies merge is:

	1. Concern the three databases in one physcial server
	   but as separated databases - each on different port.
	   See tech notes 35+36.
      2. Fill the "duplicate server" form and send it to Perforce -
	   and get the a number of licenses as you need as the unite of
	   real number of users.

      In this mode, the users still have the original structure, you reduce
	the administration and pay just for real number of licenses.


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