[p4] RE: Automated build trigger

Erik Purins erik at z-axis.com
Thu Jun 24 19:04:23 PDT 2004

Fawad Khan wrote:
> p4 changes //depot/foo/bar/feature_branches/l3mob/..._ at AP_1.2.0_ 
> <mailto:$@AP_1.2.0>.17-l3mob, at now
> The problem with triggering the automated build using the above command 
> is that the presence of the filespec using the label limits Perforce to 
> look for change lists which affect only the files which have been 
> labeled with the given label. But, if a new file was introduced into the 

can you grab the mod time of your label with 'p4 label -o AP_1.2.0.17-l3mob'
and do 'p4 changes //depot/foo/bar/feature_branches/l3mob/...@>YYYY/MM/DD:HH:MM:SS'?


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