[p4] Branches and file renaming

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Fri Jun 25 01:26:38 PDT 2004

You've hit the nail on the head - renames for multiple branches cause
problems, and you can only cope with other branches by adding to the branch

Some scripting could help in such situations, and indeed at the German User
Group event on Tuesday, Tony Smith mentioned a script he was writing which
sounded appropriate. Might be worth asking him about this.


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> Hello,
> My company's Perforce depot is set up to have a main line and several 
> branches, one for each functional group. Groups work on their 
> own branch, 
> integrate often from the main line, and periodically 
> integrate their changes 
> back to the main line.
> We're having problems whenever file renames are involved. 
> Renaming a file in a
> branch and Integrating it back to the main branch works fine, 
> but any attempts
> to integrate any other changes to those files from the other 
> branches usually
> fails completely.
> About the only answer I was able to find out was modifying 
> the branch mapping 
> to take the renaming into account. I think that will be very 
> tedious and time
> consuming and would discourage people from refactoring file 
> names. Especially
> since that change will have to be propagated to every single 
> branch mapping
> (OK, I could write a script to do that, but still).

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