[p4] FW: Linux patch file generation

Fawad Khan FawadKhan at AirgoNetworks.Com
Tue Mar 1 11:29:58 PST 2005

Is there an easy way to generate the following from Perforce?






From: Yau Chu 
Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2005 12:38 AM
To: Fawad Khan
Subject: Linux patch file generation




Here's what I'd like to know:


How can I generate Linux patch files with Perforce on a directory that
has been modified with file additions, file deletions, and edits?
There should be a patch file for each change list which affected the
desired directory.  I should be able to apply the generated patch files
on the set of files that was first checked into Perforce in order to
re-create the current state of the directory.


I hope what I want is clearly expressed in the above description.



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