[p4] Soffront Track and Perforce

Jason Williams streak at narus.com
Wed Mar 2 02:56:46 PST 2005

For any that might be interested, Soffront now offers Perforce integration with their Defect Tracking system (and possibly with the other components of their system that use TrackWeb).
It sounds like they've integrated P4DTI with their product.
>From http://www.soffront.com/Newsletter/Feb2005/Feb2005.htm :
"Minimize the blocks that traditionally prevent productive communication between your development and quality assurance groups. The Soffront Perforce integration is based on two way synchronization between Trackweb defects and Perforce jobs to enhance information sharing among your team. It allows Perforce change lists and related file names to be synchronized to the Trackweb database . 
>From Trackweb, you can view all the Perforce change list information and related file names for any Trackweb defect. From within Perforce, you can see Trackweb defects as Perforce jobs. When you update any Perforce job information, the changes will be available to Trackweb seamlessly, and vice versa. 
The integration also supports multiple Perforce servers and depots and effectively works within a destributed environment."

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