[p4] permissions problem

Jason Williams streak at narus.com
Fri Mar 4 03:00:50 PST 2005

Maybe it's just me, but from the doc below, it sounds like the =branch permission will "prevent files from being branched".  What Michael probably needed is slightly different...force files to be branched into.
To me, that means a =branch protection on //depot/live would prevent you from branching //depot/live/... to //depot/main/...
And what you likely want is a way to force all submissions to //depot/live to be branched files.
It sounds like a good candidate for a pre-submit trigger...check all files being submitted to //depot/live and make sure they're being branched.


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Yes.  try "p4 help undoc" and you will see this information about additional protection levels:
    Protections =read, =branch, =open, =write
        In addition to the normal protection levels (list, read, write,
        open, super, and review) there are four protection rights
        available in the 'p4 protect' table.  Unlike the levels, these
        '=rights' only include the specific right and not all the lesser
        rights.  This makes it possible to deny individual rights without
        having to then re-grant lesser rights.
        Additionally, there is a new right =branch (normally included
        by level 'read' and above) that permits the files to be used as
        the source for 'p4 integrate'.  You can prevent files from being
        branched by denying the =branch right.
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Hi folks, 
We have a perforce depot laid out like, 


Easy enough except we have some folks who cannot see the point of this and insist on adding files straight in to //depot/live/...

Is there any way we can only allow them to add to //depot/live/... via branching and disallow them from adding files directly?

Many thanks in advance, 

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