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Tony Sweeney sweeney at addr.com
Mon Mar 7 06:41:57 PST 2005

Jonathan Arnold wrote:

> In the Mar. 2005 issue of Dr. Dobbs, there is the following
> press release from Perforce:
> ==
> Perforce Software has added a Time-lapse View to its Perforce
> SCM system. Time-lpase View provides a graphical way to view the
> complete change history of individual text files stored in the
> Perforce repository.
> ==
> My boss has been asking for this for years, and it is great news.
> But I can't seem to find any mention of it on the Perforce web
> site. Is this something upcoming?
It's one of the new features of P4V in 2004.2.  Look here:


and scroll down to P4V.  Or, better yet, simply download it and have a play.


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