[p4] "why should I restrict a changelist to a branch?"

Jay Glanville Jay.Glanville at naturalconvergence.com
Mon Mar 7 09:35:50 PST 2005

Hello all.

I need some help (in so many ways, but for now, lets focus on P4 help).
I need a good argument for a situation.

Just the other day, I noticed that co-worker submitted a changelist that
modified the same file in two different branches.  I recommended to him
that it probably would be better if he limited a changelist to a single
branch.  To which, he replied, "Why?  Both versions of the file were
modified for the same reason (a bug)."

My counter argument was, "to keep the two branches in sync.  By making
the change in one branch, and then integrating it into the other branch
allows us to see that delta A has been propagated to the other branch."

His counter to my counter was, "So what?  Once they branched, they now
have separate lives.  If I want to apply a single change to both
versions, I'll do it in a single changelist.  Besides, what does an
integrate actually mean?  Does it mean that the branches are
synchronized?  What does it mean when I've only propagated some changes
and not all?  Performing 'p4 integrate' doesn't actually give me

And that's where I failed:  I couldn't think of a good argument as to
why he should limit a changelist to a single branch.

Let me ask, oh wise and glorious P4 gurus (a little flattery never hurts
;-) ), what arguments would you give to encourage your users to limit
their changelists to a single branch?  Or would you?  Is there anything
wrong with what my co-worker has done?

I apologize as this is a slight off-topic request (it doesn't directly
apply to P4, but is more a general source control management
philosophical question).



Jay Glanville
Application Software Designer
Natural Convergence

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