[p4] Time-Lapse view

Jonathan Arnold jdarnold at buddydog.org
Mon Mar 7 11:19:19 PST 2005

Todd Short (tshort) wrote:
> I believe that P4V needs to be installed to see the time-lapse view from
> P4Win.
> Also, the server needs to support the 'p4 annotate' command, which was not
> available in P4D 2002.1, you would need to upgrade to at least 2002.2.

Thanks! I installed p4v and see both the Revision Graph and, disabled,
the Time-Lapse View selections in p4win.  And I think it interesting
that the p4 client is "smart" enough to not even list 'annotate' in the
p4 help commands list when the server doesn't support it.

I'll lean on The Powers That Be to install the newest server. We might
as well get our upgrade - we pay for it!

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