[p4] Perforce VS.NET integrated - partial check-in?

G, Deepa (Institutional Securities Management) Deepa.G at morganstanley.com
Mon Mar 7 21:25:57 PST 2005

Hi All, 
I have seen this peculiar behavior of VS.NET integrated with Perforce.
Lets say I have a list of files in my change-list and I try to check-in
all of them at the same time from the VS.NET IDE. 
After I click on the perforce check-in pop-up box, I get messages like
"files have been changed, do you want to reload them". Irrespective of
whether I say "yes" or "no" on this box, only one file gets checked in
(the symbol changes from a tick-mark to a lock on VS.NET IDE) and the
other files still have the tick-mark !
When I check in the Perforce P4Win UI, the changelist doesnt have any
files! Does this mean all files have been check-in successfully? Then
why does VS.NET IDE show the other files still with the tick mark. I
have to manually right-click on each file then and say check-in for the
tick marck to be replaced with the lock. This is confusing.
Any one else faced this problem?
Deepa G 
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