[p4] Time lapse view of mailing list

Kosinski, Teresa Teresa.Kosinski at usoncology.com
Tue Mar 8 12:45:18 PST 2005

I know on my end, messages on the list can sit on my company's server while
it gets checked for viruses or other such unacceptable content, resulting in
a delay of nearly an hour for your message. But it doesn't look like it got
bogged down at Perforce at all. Perhaps your company is doing something
similar? Or maybe most of ours are, since many folks end up responding to
the same query with the same reply. Just a thought.

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How come there seems to be such a huge time delay in postings sent to the
mailing list?  It means that (as seen in the "time lapse view" thread) many
redundant posts are generated, since we're all sending answers to questions
without seeing that someone else already answered it.


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