[p4] Continuous integration tools

Ken Sheppard ken.sheppard at pc-doctor.com
Thu Mar 10 10:33:39 PST 2005

We use CruiseControl with 10 build machines in Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.
It builds Java, C++ (using cctask) as well code generation xml->c++, java
and php. Most of our code is in C++. We use VC++ to compile in windows and
gcc in Linux and FreeBSD. It also runs unit tests using junit and cppunit.
This work very well. We have about 20 developers writing multiplatform code
and these auto build machines are essential to making this work. To get this
setup took many months of steady work to get working well.  cctask has
issues; we have made several fixes and enhancements to it. We had to create
a cppunit task in Ant. We have also created several code generation tasks in
Ant. CruiseControl jsps needed some minor changes to work well with cpp
compilation and cpptask. We also use antcontrib tasks so we can timeout unit
and functional tests when they crash and report a failure via e-mail. I
doubt there is anything commercially available with the power and
flexibility of what I just mentioned of course we put a lot of time into it.
>For a comparison of several tools:
>DamageControl itself might be well worth a look...
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> On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 03:49:49PM -0800, Andrew Kimpton wrote:
> > CruiseControl seems to be totally 'ant' oriented. Does 
> anyone have any 
> > experience about making it work with other build tools such 
> as make, 
> > or jam or xcodebuild etc etc. ? ie. Can CruiseControl had a 
> C/C++ build ?
> I was wondering the same. Here's a link:
>     http://c2.com/w4/cc/wiki.cgi?UsingCruiseControlWithCplusPlus
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