[p4] 'Promoting' a Perforce proxy to server...

Gutschner, Marc marc.gutschner at itandfactory.com
Fri Mar 11 09:44:26 PST 2005


The given situation is as follows: We have a medium sized Perforce repository that is ~10GB + metadata. I've set up some proxies at remote locations. What is the most "bandwidth efficient" method of converting one of the proxies to a "real", standalone repository? The proxies are effectively mirrors of the "master" repository that have been created by a sync on the depot root, so all file data is still there...

Background is the possibility to create a separated line of code that keeps the revision history without "cluttering" the existing depot and to possibly split the depot across several machines...

These are just (sketchy) thoughts at the moment, but I'd like to be prepared for a possible "moment of truth" ;-)


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