[p4] [OT] recommendations for a code-review system

Matthew Janulewicz Matthew.Janulewicz at cardinal.com
Fri Mar 11 10:23:12 PST 2005

I've played around with CodeStriker (about a year ago) and liked it.  
Simple, web-based, free (open), etc.

Unfortunately, we hadn't switched over to Perforce yet. We were still  
using PVCS Version Manager. I have some scripts that take diffs from  
there, schmoozes them into a format that CodeStriker likes, etc., if  
anyone is interested.

I would imagine that it would be very easy to take the output from p4  
describe and make CodeStriker like it. I would suggest writing some kind  
of post-submit trigger and, hopefully, have your engineers checking in to  
a non-production branch. This way, you can merge/build only reviewed code.  
I'm not sure how you would get at the data pre-submit.

Once the data is in, CodeStriker is pretty cool. It color codes  
adds/deletes/changes and the presentation is very obvious and clean. You  
can click on line numbers and add coments, etc. It wasn't my decision to  
use/not use it, so we currently don't use it. Our review process is more  
manual, and is facilitated by integrating Perforce with our defect  
tracking software.

The only other 'complaint' I had about CodeStriker is that it's a fairly  
independant piece of software, meaning, mainly, no LDAP, so any users you  
need you have to enter by hand. If you have a lot of them, that won't be  
fun. But again, you get the source and can modify it as you please (I  
think it's Perl) so maybe this is your bag.


On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 11:39:33 -0500, Jay Glanville  
<Jay.Glanville at naturalconvergence.com> wrote:

> Hello all.
> Sorry for being off-topic.
> We currently have a manual code-inspection process, and we're finding
> the administration work due to this process is rather time consuming
> (print off diffs, invite people to meeting, review the code at a pace
> that everyone is comfortable with, etc, etc, etc).
> Thus, we'd like to be able to replace the manual/meeting style code
> review with some form of remote-review system.  Basically, what we're
> envisioning is a system whereby a developer submits their uncommitted
> changelist to a server, and then invites feedback from others.  These
> reviewers review the deltas on their own time and provide appropriate
> feedback.
> My question is this: does anyone have any recommendations or feedback on
> existing systems?
> Some systems that we're currently investigating are things like
> CodeStriker (http://codestriker.sf.net) and CodeReviewer
> (http://www.codehistorian.com/codereviewer-overview.php).  Has anyone
> used these systems?  Experiences?  How well could they work with P4?
> Thanks, and again, sorry for the off-topic request.
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