[p4] Best Practices for enforcing codeline open/closed policy?

Todd Short (tshort) tshort at cisco.com
Fri Mar 11 12:21:44 PST 2005

We use a trigger script that looks at a file in the depot to determine which
branches are locked or open.
We are able to lock a branch based on username and bug ID. Of course, the
bug ID requires that you have your submit comments formatted in a particular

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> Subject: [p4] Best Practices for enforcing codeline 
> open/closed policy?
> Some of my users are interested in actively enforcing
> certain codeline policies. To start with, they are
> interested in ways to configure Perforce so that it
> enforces the notion of "open" and "closed" for a codeline.
> I can think of at least 3 possible ways this might be done:
>   - protections
>   - triggers
>   - additional branches
> In our particular case, codelines may "open" and "close"
> frequently (several times a day). We currently do this
> totally by convention. Violations of the policy are accidental;
> we are just looking to have Perforce help "catch us if we
> make a mistake".
> Has anybody gathered some nice guidelines or best practices
> about good ways to do this? Any pointers you can send me?
> thanks,
> bryan
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