[p4] Best Practices for enforcing codeline open/closed policy?

Grills, Jeff jgrills at soe.sony.com
Fri Mar 11 13:51:09 PST 2005

We've done about the same, but we've used p4 counters to indicate the
state of the branch.  You can give a user the ability to change a
counter by giving them the review ability on any file.  You can't
restrict access to individual counters, though.  And checking the state
of the counter is harder for users than it would be to look at a file.
We also check the check-in comments as well to determine access to the


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We use a trigger script that looks at a file in the depot to determine
branches are locked or open.
We are able to lock a branch based on username and bug ID. Of course,
bug ID requires that you have your submit comments formatted in a

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