[p4] VSS migration problem

Brad Holt brad.holt at autodesk.com
Mon Mar 14 00:11:06 PST 2005

Sorry to sully the board here with discussions of VSS, but I do have a
quick question for those of you that have migrated over from the VSS
side of the SCM world.

I am tackling the migration of a VSS database (vsstop4 - perl
convert.pl) that's been around for quite a long time.  The migration
scripting fails when it hits a particular file that seems to be missing
- data\b\bgdhaaaa.  Indeed, when I look in the "data" directory, there
is no such file.  When we run an analyze and clean on the VSS database,
it does report that this file is missing (and that there are about 15
other files that are corrupt) but the clean doesn't seem to be able to
anything about the problems.

Anybody have any idea how to get past this.  I could give a hang about
the particular file.  The source from the database builds just fine.  I
just want to get past the failure in the migration.

Any help either with repairing the VSS database or just spoofing the
migration scripts to get past it would be appreciated.

Thanks all.

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