[p4] Anyone used StarTeam and have compare info?

Jay Glanville Jay.Glanville at naturalconvergence.com
Tue Mar 15 06:05:07 PST 2005

We've just finished going from StarTeam to Perforce with Bugzilla
integration.  One thing that P4's integration abilities with a defect
tracker has shown us is that StarTeam's integration between it's code
submissions and it CR's are very sub-par (the major problem is that the
code being submitted and the CR need to be in the same branch -- yes,
StarTeam branches it's CRs).

Another thing we've noticed is that while StarTeam is easier to use, it
also doesn't provide as much functionality.  Atomic change lists don't
exist in StarTeam.  They may changelists in the next version, but I
wouldn't hold my breath that they did it 'right'.

I find that P4's branching methodology very intuitive.  I find
StarTeam's view on branching very 'hidden' from the user.  Additionally,
in ST, you can't see multiple views concurrently.  I also like P4's
revision history (the ability to see the branching of a file
graphically).  You don't get this at all in ST.  Well, you might, but
you'd need to buy some of the customization features, and those cost

Speaking of customizations, I also got the impression that StarTeam
wanted to 'nickel-and-dime' us.  "Can StarTeam do ABC?"  Borland: "Yes
it can, but you'll need to buy the enterprise version with customization

The thing that really turned us off of Borland was their lack of
responsiveness.  We invited them to our offices to show us the new
features of StarTeam 5 (or 5.4, or 6 or something), plus to help us go
over some of the technical issues we'd had with ST in the past (up to
this point, we'd been using ST for about 2 years).  They did that just
fine: a salesman, a systems engineer and a PSO consultant cam for an
afternoon.  They gave presentations, demonstrations and went over some
of our issues.  At the end, they passed around their business cards,
saying, "if you have any questions at all, please contact us!"  We did,
but they never answered a single technical question.  We never heard
from them again.  I'm sorry, but if you're trying to convince us to
purchase something, you have to try a lot harder then that.

Perforce's support team?  Excellent!  When we were going through the
evaluation of P4, I had many questions.  P4 support, answered our
questions quickly and efficiently -- and we hadn't even paid for
anything yet.

Finally, the access to other P4 customers is invaluable.  I don't know
if Borland has a user community / forum area, but this mailing list is a
wonderful place to ask questions, as you probably already know.

Someone else has already posted a link to a previous comparison between
StarTeam and P4, so I won't say much else. 



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	Hi - 
	We are an in eval with Perforce and I am a proponent of it
within my company.  Other people within my company like StarTeam and are
proponents for it.  Has anyone on this list used StarTeam before and if
so, do you have any comments on it or comparisons of it to Perforce?  
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