[p4] managing my Documents directory

Mark Harrison mh at pixar.com
Wed Mar 16 11:34:20 PST 2005

We use perforce in a typical way, and our p4 admin gives
us a standard client and set of views.

Now I'd like to manage my documents with p4.  This is
on an apple, so specifically this will be /Users/mh/Documents.

Can I just create a client with root=/Users/mh/Documents
and then use that as my P4CLIENT?

My next step is to then set up several other people with
this scheme.  Everyone would have $HOME/Documents managed
for their personal files, but I would like to be able to
access another user's files conveniently.  For example,
I could access Bob's files via $HOME/SharedDocuments/bob.

Any and all advice, comments, etc are appreciated!


Mark Harrison
Pixar Animation Studios

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