[p4] Anyone used StarTeam and have compare info?

John-Mason P. Shackelford john-mason at shackelford.org
Wed Mar 16 12:49:14 PST 2005


We evaluated StarTeam and Perforce together (among others), selected
Perforce and have been using it very happily for about a year now. For
me a very clearcut reason we could not use StarTeam was that it did not
support a component development model where we could create a larger
project from various versions of individual components. With the
flexibility Perforce's workspace mapping combined with the
representation of branches as directories in the depot, Perforce handles
this easily. Borland showed us a custom tool they developed to try to
approximate this, but it was pretty shoddy. A few months after our eval
concluded I received an email from our sales rep. announcing that he was
moving to another company as he was concerned about the lack of energy
going into the StarTeam product. Like most vendors, the initial sales
pitch was good, but when it came down to brace tacks they just couldn't
perform. With these things the devil is in the details.

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