[p4] p4d -- able to survive long "laptop sleep"?

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Wed Mar 16 13:36:32 PST 2005

Well I have a permanent p4d (well p4s to be precise) running with WinXP.
Given that it takes ages to hibernate/resuscitate compared with OS X (I look
enviously at the odd friend who opens laptop and start typing within
seconds), I would suggest all will be well!


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> I'm setting up p4 for somebody whose primary hardware 
> platform will be an apple powerbook.
> p4d will be fun from init.d at startup.
> The powerbook will sleep whenever the screen is closed.
> Will this cause any kind of known problems for p4d?
> I noticed that the postgresql database couldn't handle 
> this... when the screen was opened and the powerbook woke up, 
> the server would notice that it had been unconconcious for a 
> long time, assume it had gone insane, and exit.
> TIA,
> Mark
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