[p4] Storing Confidential Files in Perforce

Simon Marr Simon.Marr at ul.ie
Fri Mar 18 03:42:27 PST 2005

Thanks for your response Paul.

If the data is encrypted in the server store, Perforce user protection 
is used and the client workspace is on an encrypted filesystem as well 
then I was thinking this would be sufficient.
I will look into SSH server though.


Paul Goffin wrote:

>What advantage do you think you get from an encrypted filestore?
>(Perforce will still serve the data to anyone who can crack the
>Perforce passwords AND the unencrypted data will still sit
>On every users workstation anyway.  All you're really doing
>is preventing your IT guys from reading your database.  Are
>they really the problem?)
>If access controlls are your thing, sit your server behind
>a SSH server like this:
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>Hi Newbie here!
>I'm interested to know what additional security measures others may have
>taken when storing confidential material in the perforce depot? 
>Passwords are all too easy to crack and I wondered if anyone had used a 
>file encryption method such as mounting an encrypted disk image to store
>the depot? If so, what were the issues and were there any implications 
>for the server daemon process and client workspace?
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