[p4] P4 with BugZilla, TeamTrack or ????

Jay Glanville Jay.Glanville at naturalconvergence.com
Fri Mar 18 05:45:55 PST 2005

We went from using StarTeam to Perforce with Bugzilla integration being
supplied by P4DTI.  We evaluated the other supported P4 DT integration
solutions (TeamTrack, DevTrack, ExtraView, etc), but we couldn't see the
extra value that they provided for the extra price they asked for.  It
seems that Bugzilla satisfies our needs sufficiently (i.e.: not great or
stellar, but bang-for-buck it couldn't be beat).

The integration offered by P4DTI is straight-forward and painless.



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	I searched back through postings for the past year and didn't
see too much on bug tracking tools so I wanted to post this question.
	Do many people have bug tracking integrated with Perforce?  If
you do, did you evaluate many products or just work with something you
were already using?  Any info on what integrations have gone well and/or
opinions on the best/better bug tracking tools would be appreciated.
	The group I work in now uses Soffront Track which just came out
with an integration to Perforce. Evenso, I don't know that the company
as a whole would want to roll out this product.
	Thanks for any info.
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