[p4] URLs to Perforce?

Galen Boyer galenboyerdev at hotpop.com
Fri Mar 18 11:15:30 PST 2005

"Jay Glanville" <Jay.Glanville at naturalconvergence.com> writes:

> If you have the P4Web running, then you can deep-link (direct-link) to
> either a specific version of a file or the version history of a file.
> We do this, especially for our documentation.  Basically, we have a
> company wide, read-only instance of P4Web running, and pass around URLs
> to the files / documents we want.
> How to generate a URL to a file?  Simply navigate to the file in
> question, then copy and paste the URL of that file.

That rocks.


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>> Is there a way to send an email with a link to Perforce?

Galen Boyer

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