[p4] Error when using Perforce as source control app for Remedy

Mats Nilsson mats.nilsson at xware.se
Sat Mar 19 01:27:20 PST 2005

I was seeing some similar effects (with 2004.2) when using p4scc from
VC++6.0 and opening up a project while not having P4CLIENT set (or was it
maybe set to an incorrect client). I got the feeling that there were some
buffers that weren't null-terminated e.g. a filename buffer was overwritten
with the client name without the terminating null.


Things started to improve after I consistently started using P4CONFIG and
after I set the option in p4scc/visual studio to automatically bind to the


I reported this to support, but we/they never found the reason for it
behaving like that.




I browsed to pick the client workspace; which I only have one


There is no such thing as EOCAMPO-D600Files...that is where the problem
lies, where is Perforce getting this from?

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