[p4] Storing Confidential Files in Perforce

Grills, Jeff jgrills at soe.sony.com
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We run a server with the depot files on an encrypted file system, and
the clients are required to sync to an encrypted location as well, but
we have no way to actually enforce the client encryption part.  We left
the DB files on a normal file system, assuming the file names weren't
sensitive.  We've also set the security level to the highest level,
requiring the use of "p4 login" and tickets.  You could set the ticket
time lower than the default for some added security as well.  SSH, as
some people have suggested, is a good idea, although not one we use as
the server is on a secure subnet not connected to any other networks.

You should be very careful with the protection table.  It's best to put
the most sensitive stuff at the bottom so that you don't accidentally
write a rule that gives permission to files you didn't intend.  Use the
IP restrictions if they make sense as well.


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Hi Newbie here!

I'm interested to know what additional security measures others may have

taken when storing confidential material in the perforce depot? 
Passwords are all too easy to crack and I wondered if anyone had used a 
file encryption method such as mounting an encrypted disk image to store

the depot? If so, what were the issues and were there any implications 
for the server daemon process and client workspace?

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