[p4] P4 Sending Mass Emails

Grills, Jeff jgrills at soe.sony.com
Sat Mar 19 21:18:27 PST 2005

We have some scripts run from cron that send duplicate emails when the
script can't finish before the next cron interval kicks the script off
again.  You could try lengthening the time between runs of the review
daemon, or protect the script from running twice.

One easy trick in the unix scripting world to prevent multiple
executions is to create a directory at the start of the script, and
remove it at the end.  You are guaranteed that creating a directory is
an atomic operation in the file system - if you fail to create the
directory, the last instance of the script is still running.  Of course,
you have to make sure that every way the script can exit will remove the
directory.  It may be worth creating a tiny wrapper script that makes
the directory, executes the real script, and then removes the directory.


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  > We are having a major problem with our server. A user created a
batch job
  > that would add a bunch of files to the depot. A few of us have our
  > section turned on. The problem is that the server will not stop
  > emails (~100 every 5 minutes) even after a reset. Before this
happened I
  > enabled the monitor counter and I suspect that this is the cause of
  > emails but I disabled it, reset the server and it is still sending
  > emails.
  > Does anyone know how to get the server to stop sending emails?

each user who does not  want to get the emails should edit the
Reviews: mappings in their perforce user profile to exclude the
depot area where the changes are happening.


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