[p4] [OT] recommendations for a code-review system

Grills, Jeff jgrills at soe.sony.com
Mon Mar 21 09:42:20 PST 2005

We do code reviews here in a pretty casual way, so I can't comment on
the tools you mention below.

Here, if a reviewer can't sit down directly with the change author, the
author will use the p4tar tool to wrap their changelist up into a single
file and send it to the reviewer in email.  The reviewer will then
extract the change into a workspace, and it will look to the reviewer
exactly as if they had made the change.  They can use the standard p4
diff tools to review the deltas, and provides feedback via email.

You can get the p4tar tools here:



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Hello all.
Sorry for being off-topic.
We currently have a manual code-inspection process, and we're finding
the administration work due to this process is rather time consuming
(print off diffs, invite people to meeting, review the code at a pace
that everyone is comfortable with, etc, etc, etc).

Thus, we'd like to be able to replace the manual/meeting style code
review with some form of remote-review system.  Basically, what we're
envisioning is a system whereby a developer submits their uncommitted
changelist to a server, and then invites feedback from others.  These
reviewers review the deltas on their own time and provide appropriate

My question is this: does anyone have any recommendations or feedback on
existing systems?

Some systems that we're currently investigating are things like
CodeStriker (http://codestriker.sf.net) and CodeReviewer
(http://www.codehistorian.com/codereviewer-overview.php).  Has anyone
used these systems?  Experiences?  How well could they work with P4?

Thanks, and again, sorry for the off-topic request.


Jay Glanville
Application Software Designer
Natural Convergence

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