[p4] Re: Perforce Configurations

Chuck Karish chuck.karish at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 23:59:29 PST 2005

 > Conceptually, the clientspecs sit at the border between Perforce and
> user workspaces. There is one clientspec per user workspace, and they
> cannot be [easily] shared by the team members. 

Here's how hard it is:

  p4 client  -t  <teammate's_client>
  p4 sync  @<teammate's_client>

> Putting configuration
> information in the clientspec requires you to keep them in sync with the
> configuration changes. For example, replacing
>      //depot/component/release1.4.0/...
> with
>      //depot/component/release1.4.1/...
> require you to change all client specs simultaneously. 

OK, say you use a symbolic link instead.  You flip the
link to point to a different release branch and a user
discovers that there are files opened in her client on the
branch to which the link previously pointed.  What are
the correct Perforce semantics for submitting the changes?

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