[p4] Anyone used StarTeam bug tracking in the past?

Smith, Jeff jsmith at medplus.com
Tue Mar 22 05:55:49 PST 2005

We had a business unit that was using StarTeam and we are in the process
of converting them to Perforce.  All they used StarTeam for was code
management so I can't speak to the defect tracking aspect.  However,
unless they've made significant performance improvements since version
5, I find StarTeam significantly slower than Perforce.
If the "one stop shop" aspect of StarTeam is what's driving the
decision, I suggest you look at one of the defect tracking systems that
are integrated with Perforce.  The two I know of are Bugzilla (free) and
TeamTrack (pricey but good).  There is also an SDK (P4DTI) that will
allow you to build your own.

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Hi all,
We are in a final decision process between Perforce and StarTeam.  I am
the Perforce advocate at our company and I am trying to solicit some
competitive information.  It seems that the integrated bug tracking in
StarTeam is making some people lean towards it.  Have any of you used
StarTeam and it's bug tracking in the past?  Any comments on how well it
worked (especially compared to other commercial bug tracking tools) or
any problems or limitations with it?  I am hoping this will help me get
Perforce in the door here!  I am much more a "best of breed" proponent.
Thanks a lot for any info!

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