[p4] how much is that bugdb in the window?

jab jab at pobox.com
Tue Mar 22 07:37:36 PST 2005

On Mar 22, 2005, at 5:55 AM, Smith, Jeff wrote:
> We had a business unit that was using StarTeam and we are in the 
> process of converting them to Perforce.  All they used StarTeam for 
> was code management so I can't speak to the defect tracking aspect.  
> However, unless they've made significant performance improvements 
> since version 5, I find StarTeam significantly slower than Perforce.
> If the "one stop shop" aspect of StarTeam is what's driving the 
> decision, I suggest you look at one of the defect tracking systems 
> that are integrated with Perforce.  The two I know of are Bugzilla 
> (free) and TeamTrack (pricey but good).  There is also an SDK (P4DTI) 
> that will allow you to build your own.

	It is now worth mentioning, that the "p4 jobs" mechanism can support 
the state transition enforcements that you look for in a bug database, 
so that a "job" cannot be moved from state X to state Y if it's not a 
valid transition. Although this is not the default behavior, it is 
possible to craft this behavior easily using the 2004.2 "form in" 
triggers, and there will be a block of talks at the Perforce User 
Conference on scripting (including triggers) in about three weeks.

	"p4 jobs" is simple, and so it's not "flashy". But it's quite 
functional for basic needs, and doesn't claim aspirations of grandeur. 
(That's rare, in the world of modern software tools: something that 
does one small thing, well, and is happy to know how to do that one 

	And it's already integrated with Perforce. ;-)

	-Jeff Bowles

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