[p4] Binary files always locked on "Open for Edit"?

Andreas Axelsson Andreas.Axelsson at dice.se
Wed Mar 23 05:25:11 PST 2005

Check out 'p4 help typemap' for info on how to automatically set certain
flags on given file types. However, typemap won't change files already
submitted, only new adds. You still have to edit and change the flags
for existing files, but that should be a rather easy script to write.


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> Jim Crossley <jim.crossley at cptii.com> writes:
> > Galen Boyer <galenboyerdev at hotpop.com> writes:
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> >> Is there a way to do this so only one person can checkout 
> a binary at 
> >> a time?
> >
> > Check out the +l filetype modifier (p4 help filetypes)
> Thanks, that works.
> I do find that a bit screwy and unintuitive how Perforce 
> makes you handle file types for all of perforce by forcing 
> you to open some particular file for edit (even though you 
> are trying to do it for all of perforce), change that checked 
> out file's filetype and then, _don't forget_, if you forget 
> the following then it doesn't take, you must also check it 
> in.  I don't turn the water supply to my house off by 
> shutting down my kitchen sink.
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